Protect Your Business or Home from Intruders
with Armed Security Guard Services from Our Company in Jacksonville, Florida

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Keep Your Property & Possessions Safe

                                                       with the Exceptional Security Services Provided by ADA Global

Thwart would-be intruders or assailants with patrolling armed guards provided by our security company in Jacksonville, Florida. All of the security officers and supervisors at ADA Global are fully qualified and have anywhere from 5 to 25 years of experience. Our company looks forward to providing you with superior armed security guard services to help you sleep better
at night.
Security Officers, Security Services in Jacksonville, FL
24/7 Security Services:
• Offers You 24-Hour Protection
• We Can Be There Right Away
• Call Us Anytime of the Day or Night
• Instantaneous Response Times
Event Security:
• Hair Shows
• Car Shows
• Private Parties
• Basketball Games
• Music Concerts
• Sports & Corporate Events
Employee Termination Protection:
• Protect Against Vengeful Ex-Employees
• We Are There to Protect You
• We Come Armed to Handle Threats

E-mail us or call us in Jacksonville, Florida, at (888) 231-9956 for dedicated
24/7 security services to protect your property or person.